Monthly Archive: December, 2020

Lionnet ‘arrow’ mystery, and Salish?

Alongside what we now consider the usual word for ‘arrow’, Father Lionnet’s 1853 Chinuk Wawa vocabulary presents a mystery…

Lower Chinookan cha: could it be Canadian French?

This could have implications for southern-dialect (early-creolized) Chinuk Wawa.

Sky Hopinka exhibit

An artist to keep your eyes on…

1893-1897: Sweet “BetseyAnnSpikes” :) (Part 3 of 7) (a Grand Ronde connection?)

To read previous installments of Betseyannspikes’s correspondence, click here.

Immediate Future tense in early creolized CW

This post is intended as a short, sweet suggestion.

Canoe “together”, an ancient Indigenous metaphor?

Could kəním ‘canoe’ be etymologically related to kʰánumákwst ‘together’?

Hi-yu Jesus and halo muck-a-muck

A post-frontier Settler writer characterizes the prevailing mood in Indian country…

CW numerals and language universals

One of the many ways Chinuk Wawa can be proved to be just like any other human language —

‘Fathom’ from ‘rope’ — an Indigenous metaphor

The early CW measure word íɬana ‘fathom; yard’ has been shown in the superb Grand Ronde dictionary to come from Chinookan…

Sixes, Oregon: a triple play, Dene to CW to English

Well yes, I do get some of my linguistic information from the press releases of brewing companies…