1907 puzzle: Who was M.B. Scott of Pendleton?

A role model for all of us in the time of Covid Crisis…

Northeast Oregonian M.B. Scott, reported in the same newspaper edition as just getting up & about after some time laid up with the effects of an old injury from a “swinging timber [that] broke several ribs”, made the best of his time convalescing:

mb scott

M. B. Scott has finished a translation of the Lord’s Prayer and the Ten Commandments into Chinook Jargon — the first time this has ever been done aside from an incomplete translation of the Lord’s Prayer. His work is complete as to both.

— from the Pendleton (OR) East Oregonian of August 24, 1907, page 5, column 5

However, that’s overstating the case. My readers already know that both texts had been put into Chinuk Wawa before 1907.

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Anyway I’d love to know more about M.B. Scott of Pendleton. He shows up quite a bit in the local papers back then. But not in any Jargon connection.

Would his papers have wound up in a local museum, by chance? It’s always fascinating and informative to find a fluent speaker’s writings.

What do you think?