A trip to the Siletz country (yep, Grand Round is involved)

In earlier days, instead of sending postcards, you might write a letter about your vacation to the hometown paper’s editor…

…and this front-pager, sure enough, is signed “TOURIST”.

Of course this is in the post-frontier era, seeing as how folks now had some free time away from making a living!

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Spends His Vacation in the Siletz Country Fishing, Boating and Digging for Clams.

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…This section of the country is reached via the Grand Round [Grand Ronde] Indian reservation, the road branching at Dave Leno‘s place on Agency creek, the Tillamook road following up the stream while the Salmon river and Siletz road crosses a bridge at this point and ascends a mountain, and quite abrupt at that, but after gaining the summit, about one mile the descent is gradual down to the water level, some three miles.

This last snippet strikes me either as a clumsy backhanded compliment, or an accurate observation of cultural change at Siletz. At any rate, it’s the reason for my sharing today’s article:a trip to the siletz country 3

A number of original Americans were seen driving around in hacks and wagons with their families, and many are owners of very fair houses and very good farms, for Indians that are constitutionally opposed to work in any form. They all dress a-la-Americano, and one grossly insults him [sic] by addressing him in the Chinook language at the present time.

— from the Hillsboro (OR) Independent of August 17, 1906, page 1, columns 2 and 3

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