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“Savash soap” & valuable new old phrases

A little-known manuscript by early Chinook Jargon expert George Gibbs opens our eyes to some actual usages…

Bound for Yachats, with the Anti-Fats, etc.

Western US English slang in 1905: “anti-dry” = “wet” = booze 🙂 My other comments follow the news clipping. BOUND FOR YACHATS. To Move in Three Divisions — Memaloose Mowitch Copa Skookum Chuck. It… Continue reading

Salish lexical suffixes as a source of Chinuk Wawa compounds’ heads

The other day, I concluded that Chinuk Wawa compound-word formation must date quite far back. So let’s pursue this thought…

Lush life: a Chinookan idea

Lest you conclude that I think everything in Chinuk Wawa is “secretly Salish”…

Buchanan’s Chinuk Wawa vocabulary

Worth a brief notice: an overlooked contribution to Chinook Jargon studies.

Baker is wide open!

A Chinuk Wawa item that we ought to be searching for in a Baker City, Oregon, museum…

How long has Chinuk Wawa had compounds? Plus: a lost dictionary.

How long has Chinuk Wawa had compound words?

More early Chinuk Wawa grammaticalization: mank- ‘Comparative’

mank-: This typical lower Columbia River way of forming the Comparative degree of adjectives and adverbs goes very far back…

Chinuk Wawa tree names in -stik (a Salish idea) … & a new etymology for ‘100’ (a Chinookan idea)

All of this forms a theme, keep reading. Let’s start out by thinking of Chinuk Wawa compound tree names ending in -stik, which go about as far back in time as we have documents… Continue reading

sun smoke boat

Commercial Chinuk Wawa, early post-frontier.