Mystery: “sorts” in Kamloops Chinuk Wawa

I’m putting this up in hopes one of you will jar my brain with a clue:

sorts chinook

Where does the word “sorts” in Kamloops Chinuk Wawa come from?

Discovering it in the Kamloops Wawa newspaper (#116 ‘bis’ [b], page 91), I immediately know its meaning, “drawing lots”.

But somehow I’m not finding it in dictionaries yet.

It vaguely sounds British-influenced to my ears.

But where’s the evidence?

Here is the occurrence of it that I found: the Apostles are drawing lots to name a replacement 12th Man…

Klaska iskom mokst man:
iht iaka nim Shosip Barsabas
pi Matias…
Klaska mamuk sorc
klaska nim ukuk mokst man,
pi Matias iaka nim shako
klahani kakwa iaka shako
lisapotr kanamokst ukuk
hlwima <11> lisapotr.

“They picked two men:
one named Joseph Barsabbas,
and Matthias…
they made sorts
[with] both these men’s names,
and Matthias’s name came
out, so he became
an apostle along with those
other 11 apostles.”

The reason it’s interesting to know the source of this loanword is, that will give us some information on what kinds of speech were influencing Kamloops Chinuk Wawa:

Was this a common word on the street for “drawing lots”?

Was it a more bookish form that Father Le Jeune used because he was at a loss for any other way to express the idea?

Or was it something else I haven’t considered yet?

Let me know if you have leads on this…

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