So 2 chiefs and a priest go to Europe, part 54

…Impror Konstantain mamuk ShK styuil haws iawa…

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Ayu wiht tilikom mitlait, klaska tiki tlap oihat pus nanich
There were many other people there who wanted to find a way to see

lipap. <x> Pus nsaika kopit, nsaika klatwa nanich ukuk aias haws.
the pope. When we finished, we went to look around this big house.

Iaka halak pus tilikom klatwa nanich ukuk aias tlus iktas mitlait
It’s open for people to have a look at the wonderful things that are

kopa ukuk haws. Mitlait ayu aias tlus rum, patl kopa tlus piktyur
in the house. There are many beautiful rooms, full of nice pictures

kanawi kah. <x> Ilo kah wiht nsaika nanich tlus piktyur kakwa. <x> Nsaika
everywhere. Nowhere else did we see such nice pictures. We

klatwa kopa iht iaka nim Sikstin, kah klaska mamuk lipap. Mitlait
visited one [room] called the Sistine, where they declare [new] popes. There

iawa iht aias tlus piktyur kata pus kanawi tilikom alki mitwit
is a beautiful picture there [showing] how [it will be] when all the people eventually stand up

kopa mimlus, pi kata alki ST mamuk kort haws klaska. <x> Mokst tintin
from being dead, and how Jesus will judge them. For two hours

nsaika kuli kanawi kah kopa ukuk lipap iaka haws: ayu wiht tilikom
we walked all through this pope’s house; many other people

klaska mitlait, klaska nanich kanawi ikta. <x> Alta shako sitkom
were there, looking at everything. Then it got to be mid-

son, pi nsaika kilapai kopa nsaika haws.
day, and we went back to our house.


     <St Paul extra muros. x The>


     Kopit sitkom son, nsaika klatwa, kanamokst mokst wiht liplit
In the afternoon, we went with two other priests

nanich Sin Pol iaka styuil haws, iaka mitlait klahani kopa Rom tawn.
to see St Paul’s church, which is located outside Rome town.

Ukuk styuil haws ilo iaka drit aias haha kopa klahani, pi
This church is not holy[-looking] from the outside, but

pus nsaika klatwa kopa insaid, nsaika nanich drit aias tlus.
when we went inside, we could see that it was quite beautiful.

Ukuk styuil haws iaka <400> fut lon.g, <200> fut waid; pi
This church is 400 feet long, 200 feet wide, and

<75> fut sahali; iaka mitlait <80> aias koloms, pus lolo
75 feet tall; it has 80 columns to hold

iaka ruf. Kanawi ikta marbl ston, kopa kikuli, kopa sahali,
its root. Everything is marble stone, below, above,

kanawi kah. <x> Pi iaka patl kopa tlus piktyur: mitlait kanawi lipap
everywhere. And it’s filled with nice pictures; there are

klaska piktyur, drit aias piktyur, sahali kopa koloms. <x> Alta
pictures of every pope, very big pictures as tall as the columns.

<1600> sno, Impror Konstantain mamuk ShK styuil haws iawa; kimta
1,600 years ago, Emperor Constantine built a church of Jesus there; later

wiht, taii Impror, pi kimta lipap mamuk ilip tlus ukuk styuil
still, chief Emperors and later the popes kept improving this

haws; pi kopa <1823>, iaka chako paia, wik saia kanawi.
church; but in 1823 it burned, nearly all of it.

Pi klaska mamuk chi ukuk styuil haws; iaka ukuk nsaika
But this church was rebuilt; that’s what we

nanish alta.
were seeing now.

     Pus nsaika kopit nanich ukuk styuil haws, nsaika klatwa
     When we were done looking around this church, we went

kopa cikcik, klunas tlun mail saia, kah mitlait iht wiht[…]
by carriage, about three miles further, to where there was another[…]

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