…we saw there nearby, an Indian man, with his face painted up: I made signs to him to come over and he came, and we gave him that tin of mutton…

Indian man in Regina 1904

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[“]Naika tlap maika nim kopa oihat; kanawi liplit komtaks maika kakwa
“I got your name en route; all the priests know you as 

iht tlus kluchmin.[”] <x> Iaka wawa: = [“]Chi mokst lisivik pi kansih
a good woman.”  She replied, “Just now two bishops and several

liplit makmak kopa iaka haws.[”] <x> Iaka sil tanas makmak kopa
priests were eating at my house.”  She sold a bit of food to 

nsaika, pi nsaika kilapai kopa stim kar.
us, and we returned to the steam car.  

     Alta nsaika wiht kuli kakwa win kopa oihat, pi nsaika
    Now we were once again traveling like the wind on our way, and we 

makmak ukuk chi nsaika makuk, pi wiht iht kan shīp nsaika
ate what we had just bought, as well as a tin of mutton that we 

iskom kopa Kamlups. Drit aias ukuk kan, wik kata nsaika
had gotten at Kamloops.  This can was really big, and there was no way we 

makmak sitkom; naika kwash pus chako masachi; pi trin stop
could eat half of it; I was afraid it would go bad [evil 🙂 ]; then the train stopped 

kopa iht stishon, pi nsaika nanich iawa tanas saia, iht
at a station, and there we saw nearby an 

sawash man, ayu pint iaka siahosh: naika sain iaka pus chako
Indian man with his face all painted up; I made signs to him to come 

pi iaka chako, pi nsaika patlach ukuk kan shīp kopa iaka. Nsaika
and he came over, and we gave him that tin of mutton.  We 

wawa kopa iaka, pi wik iaka komtaks, wik iaka komtaks Shinuk, wik
spoke to him, but he didn’t understand; he didn’t know Chinook, he 

iaka komtaks Inglish, pi wik kata nsaika komtaks iaka wawa,
didn’t know English, and we didn’t know his language;

klunas Blak Fut ukuk sawash.
maybe this Indian was a Blackfeet.  

     Shako pulakli alta, pi nsaika slip. Taii Lui pi Silista
Then night fell, and we slept.  Chief Louis and Celestin [Chief Chilliheetza]

slip kah klaska mitlait, pi naika klatwa iskom iht bid kopa
slept where they were sitting, but I went to get a bed in 

iht cikcik, pi naika tlus slip pi chako tanas son.
another car, and I slept well till morning.  


     <Regina, etc.>

     Tanas son kwinam tintin pi sitkom nsaika tlap kopa Rishaina
    In the morning at five-thirty we got to Regina [Saskatchewan], 

drit aias tlus tawn, ilip aias kopa Kamlups; mitlait drit
a really big nice town, bigger than Kamloops; there are really

aias tlus haws. Iaka taii tawn kopa Nort Wist ilihi.
fine houses there.  It’s the capital of the North-West Territory.  

Iawa mitlait aias kort haws.
There’s a big courthouse there.  

     Kopa <8> tintin nsaika tlap kopa iht wiht tawn, iaka nim
    At 8 o’clock we got to another town, called 

Brodvyu: iawa nsaika lost iht tintin wiht alta nain
Broadview; there we lost another hour; now it was nine 

tintin kopa iakwa, pi kopit sinmokst tintin kopa Kamlups.
o’clock in that area, but just seven o’clock at Kamloops.  

Nsaika komtaks kanawi pulakli, kopit tipso ilihi, pi alta
We knew that all night it had been just prairie, and now 

wiht tipso ilihi, pi tipso ilihi, kanawi ukuk son pi
more prairie, and prairie, all that day 

kro kopa pulakli. <x> Sitkom son nsaika nanich iht tanas
until nighttime.  At noon we saw a 

aias tawn iaka nim Brandon. <x> Ayu wiht tawn nsaika nanich.
medium-sized town called Brandon [Manitoba].  There were plenty more towns that we saw.