Chinook Jargon tux

A lot of people oddly wind up here because they were searching for “Chinook Jargon tux”.

chinook jargon tux

Some of you are shaking your heads perplexed.

Some of you are chuckling.

Folks are probably encountering the CJ word often spelled as “kum-tux”, meaning to understand or to know.

That looks like two words because of the hyphenation.

Which may cause them to google “kum” and “tux” for further information.

I reckon.

A good number of people may have the same dim recollection I did that “tuxes” are named for Tuxedo, New York.

And that Tuxedo is a Native American name.

And that it’s Algonquian.

Which makes “Chinook Jargon tux” puzzling.

And leads people to this blog.

So what I want to know is, what do they think once they get here?

In any case it’s a wonderful outreach opportunity for me 🙂

–Dave Robertson–