Potlatch Club ball invitation

The Daily Morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) Tuesday, March 27, 1888, column 3.

I invite your interpretations of this text! Most of it’s quite clear.  Some is new to me. — Dave

Potlatch Club clipped

Potlatch Club Ball. —–
The event of the season at Olympia will be a ball, on the 4th. of April, at Columbia hall.  The invitations are in manner and form as follows:

OLYMPIA, Whulge, Illa he,
Lokit moon, pe Lokit sun.
Tahtlum pe stotekin, hias
tahtlum, pe stotekin taht-
lum pe stotekin cole.

Ole man–pe mika klootchman, tilla-
Nesika tum tum hias tike, nesika
chaco copa Town Hall, Olympia, pe
nunish pe ma-mook tanse pe hyu he-he
copa nesika tillicums, okoke polalky.
Ikt papel ikt dolla.

UPDATE 04/24/2013:

Incorporating what some of you have written to me about this invitation (naika wawa aias mersi), here is my understanding of what it says in Jargon.  I’ve gone back into the original text and underlined what was new to me.

OLYMPIA, Puget Sound [Lushootseed Salish word] country,
Fourth month [April] and fourth day.
Eighteen big
ten [i.e. hundred], and eigh-
ty and eighth year [1888].
Oldtimers–and your wives and fri-

Our hearts desire for us
to come to Town Hall, Olympia, and
visit and dance and have plenty fun
with our friends, that evening.
A dollar a ticket.