Getting specific about David Douglas and Chinook Jargon

I’m not too sure that botanist David Douglas’s 1820s journal notes on early Chinook Jargon have ever been published. A few isolated words in his daily entries, to be sure, have made it into… Continue reading

So 2 chiefs & a priest to go Europe, part 64 — FINALE

Pi naika wawa “Mirri Krismas” pi “Hapi Nyu Iiiir” kopa msaika.  Kanawi tilikom mitlait kopa Kamlups, klaska wiht wawa kakwa kopa msaika. And I say “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” to you folks. Everyone who lives… Continue reading

Jargon (and callie-ope) in more old sports cheers

One fictional (1898): One factual (1897): Just try and tell the difference! A lot of team yells several decades ago sported equally nonsensical blends of Chinook Jargon and, um, white-people vocables.  

So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 63

(Previous installment.) […] Hlawt ilihi, klaska wiht skukum pus iskom […] Hallout village, can also be counted on to take mokst tatilam pipa; Shushwap tilikom, kopa twenty copies; the Shuswap people, among taii Adam… Continue reading

Raw furs. — Read this!

(Relating to a question from Eric Michael Bernando in the Facebook Chinook Jargon group:) RAW FURS. — READ THIS! Tlus nanich ukuk: Pay attention to this: Msaika tlap ayu bir, bivir, wail kat,… Continue reading

General Pickett: “Keep up a skookum tum-tum, dear one”

La Salle “Sallie” Corbell Pickett, third wife of Confederate general George E. Pickett of the doomed Pickett’s Charge, wrote a number of publications including her 1899 book, “Pickett and his Men” (Atlanta: Foote… Continue reading

So 2 chiefs and a priest go to Europe, part 62

  The Kamloops people can be counted on to keep taking twenty copies… (Previous installment here.)      Alta msaika nanich kata ukuk Kamlups      Now you folks can see what this “Kamloops… Continue reading

Nika wake tica Charley

GLENCOE ITEMS. From the Washington Independent (Hillsboro, OR), Sep. 2, 1875, page 2, column 2.   The Siwash difficulty mentioned by the Independent, wherein some young bucks had run off with some other Indians’ wives terminated… Continue reading

So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 61

[The pope] placed his hand on Louis’ and Celestin’s [Chillihitzia’s] head, [and] he also gave a large medal to them (Previous installment here.) Sint Irin ankati tlap kopa Shirusalim ukuk shin, pi iaka lolo [NULL] St… Continue reading

So 2 chiefs and a priest go to Europe, part 60

There used to not be a path to get down to this prison, only a hole in the middle where they threw down the people… (Previous installment here.) […] iht ilihi iaka nim Subiako, kah… Continue reading