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1873: Earliest “skookum paper”?

A Chinook Jargon phrase that I learned on a research trip in southeast Alaska makes its first known appearance in southwest Oregon…

1853-4: “Teapot” = “skookum paper”, in 2 places 1000 km apart

One of the more impenetrable little mysteries of Chinuk Wawa may now be cleared up.

Earliest, best evidence of the Alaskan phrase “skookum paper”

A phrase I learned from doing research in Alaska is “skookum paper”.

1881-1882: CW & Métis French on the upper Columbia in Washington

Both of the Pacific NW Métis languages show up in a couple of later frontier narratives of north-central Washington…

“Shame pole”, an Alaskanism

An article inspired by seeing a certain Victoria judge’s name in association with Chinuk Wawa.

1853: George B. McClellan’s PNW railroad survey diary

Previously, on…

Samuel Hancock’s “Thirteen Years [give or take] on the Northwest Coast”

A fella I don’t reckon I knew much about came early to Northern Oregon (pre-Washington Territory) & noted plenty of Chinook Jargon there…

Clah’s Chinook revisited

With the help of some friends, I’d like to hark back to a reported Chinuk Wawa conversation.

Weird Jargon & shamans in Alaska

The above drawing by Heywood Walter Seton-Karr (1859-1938) as a member of the New York Times Alaska Expedition is the only substantial piece of Chinuk Wawa in his memoir…

A Tlingit Jargon-English genre, the skookum board

When I was researching in southeast Alaska, local museum folks referred to “skookum boards“ to mean the plaques sometimes found on the fronts of Native bighouses in Alaskan Tlingit territory soon after the… Continue reading