Weather forecast (Albany, Oregon)

An unexpectedly recurring theme in the pages of old newspapers — talking about the weather in Chinuk Wawa.

I reckon the editor’s Chinook Jargon is on a level with his Latin…

weather forecast

WEATHER — Splendiferous, magnum bonum, hiu closh, bully, etc., etc.

— The Albany (OR) Register of July 16, 1870, page 3, column 2

< Hiu closh > strikes me as something White people said if they spoke Jargon with a dictionary in hand. It’s literally ‘much good’. More fluent speakers with real-world experience typically said < hyas closh >, literally ‘big good’, where ‘big’ is the early-established prefix of Intensification.

Other linguistic archaeology news: this seems like a mighty early occurrence of the American slang word ‘bully’! Checking the reputable Online Etymology Dictionary, I see that this is indeed the case; the word is known in this approving sense from 1864.