Tate’s Chinook/Tsimshian hymn

Good old C.M. Tate, the missionary who gave you the spectacularly odd and rather rare “St Marks Kloosh Yiem Kopa Nesika Savious Jesus Christ“, also left this behind:

Tate Chinook Tsimshian hymn-page-001 (2)

Chinook Hymn 
“Nothing but the Blood of Jesus”
Iktah kumtux mash siah
Konaway nesika masahchie?
Iktah kumtux mamook delate, 
Konaway nesika tum-tum?
Kopit Jesus pil-pil
Halo huloyima iktah. 

This hymn is evidently known by the official title “What Can Wash Away My Sin” (1876, Robert Lowry).

Tate’s version is no literal translation, although it’s close in sense, literally:

What knows how to cast away
All of our sins?
What knows how to make right
All of our hearts?
Only Jesus’ blood,
Nothing else.

It’s presumably for Tsimshian mission use, appearing on a manuscript page with another hymn in the “Tsimpshean” language.

Sing along to the tune here: