Louis remarked, “When I get back home, I’m telling  my wife to set out two spoons and three knives,and three forks, for me to eat with: then I’ll be a real chief.”

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     Pus nsaika mash Fild, oihat chako ilip stīp, drit kakwa
    When we left Field, the path got steeper, just like 

kaltash cikcik oihat: sinmokst mail kakwa: iawa klaska iskom
a bad wagon road: for seven miles it was like this: then they got 

iht aias stim kar, o drit aias, klaska kaw ukuk aias
a big steam car, oh really big, and they coupled that big 

stim kar kimta kopa nsaika; iaka push nsaika, pi iaka tlus nanich
steam car in back of us; it pushed us, and it made sure 

pus wik nsaika chako kakshit kopa ilip stim kar pi kuli kopa kimta, pi
that we didn’t get broken down in the front steam car and travel backward, and 

kakwa aiak mimlus: ukuk hloima stim kar msaika nanish kopa
die quick that way: the other kind of steam car, you folks have seen at 

Kamlups, klaska kakwa tanas kyutan, pi ukuk aias stim kar nsaika
Kamloops, they’re like a pony, but this big steam car we

nanich kopa Fild, iaka kakwa styud hors. <x> Ukuk aias stim
saw at Field, it was like a stud horse.  <x>  This big steam 

kar lolo nsaika sinmokst mail: iawa nsaika kopit kopa Kikin Hors
car took us the seven miles: then we were done with Kicking Horse

Chok, iawa nsaika <5,300> mail sahali. Ayu aias mawntin
River, and there we were 5,300 miles [! actually feet] up.  There were lots of tall mountains 

kanawi kah, kopit ston, pi kopit sno, pi kopit ais nsaika nanich.
everywhere, and only rocks and only snow and only ice could we see.  



     <8> tintin pi kwata nsaika kro kopa Lagan: <275> mails kopa
    At quarter after eight we got to Laggan: 275 miles from 

Kamlups. Ukuk tilikom klaska tlus nanich stim kar kopa Kamlups pi
Kamloops.  The people who had been operating the steam car from Kamloops up 

kro kopa iakwa, alta klaska mash nsaika pus kilapai kopa Kamlups;
to here, now they left us to return to Kamloops: 

hloima tilikom alta iskom klaska mamuk. Iakwa nsaika oihoi taim:
different people now took over their work.  Here we changed time: 

iaka <8> oklak kopa Kamlups, pi nain kopa iakwa. Son, mun pi cil=
it was eight o’clock at Kamloops, but nine around here.  The sun, moon and the 

cil klaska gitop iakwa iht tintin ilip kopa Kamlups.
stars rise here an hour before [they do] at Kamloops.  

     Iawa nsaika chako olo, pi nsaika klatwa kopa iht kar kah klaska
    Here we got hungry, so we went to a car where they 

patlach makmak kopa nsaika: ayu lipla, pi mokst spun, mokst naif, tlun
served food to us: several plates, and two spoons, two knives, and three 

fork iht man: Lui wawa: pus naika kilapai naika ilihi, naika wawa
forks to each person: Louis said, “When I get back home, I’m telling 

naika kluchmin pus iaka mash mokst cpun pi tlun naif pi tlun fork kopa
my wife to set out two spooons and three knives and three forks for 

naika pus makmak: naika chako aias taii alta.
me to eat with: then I’ll be a great chief.”



     Tatilam tintin pi sitkom, nsaika kro kopa iht ilihi iaka
    At ten-thirty, we got to a place 

nim Banf: mitlait ayu aias mawntin, sno latit kanawi;
called Banff: there are lots of tall mountains there, all with snowy tops; 

mitlait ayu liplip chok chako klahani kopa ilihi; midsin
there’s a lot of boiling water coming out of the ground: it’s medicinal 

chok ukuk, ayu tkop man chako kopa saia ilihi mamuk wash pi [to be continued…]
water, and lots of white people come from distant places to bathe and….