Lukameen, a Thanksgiving dish as American as apple pie

A tip of the hat to Jack George for this seasonal find…

Chinuk Wawa makes an appearance in the name and history of Ellen Saluskin’s 1974 Thanksgiving recipe…


The Yakama Indian < lukameen > is CW lakamín, defined as ‘soup, stew, gravy; any cooked food requiring mixture/stirring’ by the 2012 Grand Ronde Tribes dictionary. 

I’ve shown in a previous post that the CW word appears to come from an obscure Canadian / Métis French word la gamine for coarse flour.

Ellen Saluskin’s version uses salmon; she tells how Indians would also traditionally make it with other kinds of fish or with various wild game. 

I think a whole study could be made of what lakamín is like in communities across the Pacific Northwest. Dictionaries of Native languages that have borrowed the word define it in a number of ways including ‘soup’, ‘stew’, ‘dumplings’…

What do you think?