Shaina man mamuk kansih kakwa

Which Chinese language is this?

“The Chinese count like this:”

Shaina man mamuk kansih kakwa (2)

(Kamloops Wawa issue #31, 19 June 1892, page 122)

Shaina man mamuk kansih kakwa,

<1.> iit   <6> lawk    Sondi lat bai
<2.> ngi (?) <7> tit     ∫ Mondi lat bai iit
< 3.> hlam <8> pat   ∫ Tyusdi lat bai nyui
<4.> hlii   <9> kyuh ∫ Winisdi lat bai hlam
<5> hn    <10> sip   ∫ Tyursdi lat bai hlii
                                Fraidi lat bai hn
                                Satirdi lat bai lawk

So these are the low numerals and the days of the week.

A quick check suggests to me that these resemble Hakka more than they do Cantonese.  They’re definitely not Mandarin.  And I suspect their phonetics reflect an older stage of the language in question.

Anyone want to figure out which Chinese language (“dialect”) these reflect?

There is an anecdote from Father Le Jeune in a later issue of Kamloops Wawa about how he was in a local store operated by a Chinese immigrant, and wrote down some Chinese words in Chinuk pipa shorthand.  Some “Indian boys” amazed the shopkeeper by reading them “perfectly”.  Maybe these were those words!