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The “Columbian” line: the ultimate in SW Washington Chinuk Wawa

(Edited to place more emphasis on James G. Swan…) Henry Rowe Schoolcraft (1793-1864), preceding almost all of the published Chinuk Wawa documentation you know of, made one hell of a long footnote in his… Continue reading

The Western Avernus

This is a book that makes more of a literary impression than a linguistic one, but there’s worthy Chinooking from the British Columbia frontier here.

Snohomish Indian camp & Chinook Jargon

We’ve read of various Chinuk Wawa-speaking animals in previous articles on my website, but today we’ve got Lushootseed-understanding dogs among the Snohomish tribe.

Celilo Indian delegation, 1868

Here’s an early reservation-era document of a diplomatic visit by Warm Springs and/or Umatilla Indians to Oregon’s governor, showing how they parried each other with this language.

Aboriginal rights, clearly expressed in a pidgin, 151 and 1/2 years ago

Loud and clear.

Intertribal canoe race: A challenge in Chinook

Here’s an oddity & a curiosity.

A Clatsop pioneer of 1840 recalls…

Eyewitness to a maritime disaster of the United States Exploring Expedition, the wreck of the USS Peacock…

I learned Chinook Jargon in 15 minutes

…claimed the colorful, eccentric, famous rich man after whom Jules Verne may or may not have modeled his protagonist Phileas Fogg!

Address to Pioneers Delivered in Chinook

Here’s a nice longish text from a someone who lived through Washington State’s pioneer times, to his peers. Including a joke. 


Today’s treaty Article language later got litigated in the momentous Boldt Decision of 1974. That’s how important questions of translation can be…