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1889 Oregon CPE: Jesus appears

Again with the cussing, pidgin-speaking, Chinese immigrants — ?!

Quileute’s Chinuk Wawa (and other) traces

I’ve gradually been looking through linguistic documentation of Indigenous languages that have borrowed Chinook Jargon words, and today I come to Quileute…

1911: “Martha George” doggerel unexpectedly brings us a discovery

One of these days, and it won’t be long, I’m going to do a public reading drawing from the copious Northwest folk poetry we keep digging up here…

1903: Among the People of British Columbia

Today I’d like to introduce you to an unfairly overlooked book, “Among the People of British Columbia: Red, White, Yellow, and Brown” by Frances Elizabeth Herring (London:┬áT. Fisher Unwin, 1903)…

California CPE doggerel: Yet Wah, & new lexical discoveries

A kernel of linguistic truth lies within these stereotyping lines…

1897 California CPE: The Tongs Much Exercised

A gang conflict flares up into a fatal shooting in post-frontier Sacramento…


I sure wish I could’ve met and talked with this remarkable Syilx (Okanagan) man.

A cussin’ political opinion

In the “Let’s Look at More West Coast Pidgin Languages” Department:

One f***-mouthed footpad!

Holy ****! Once again, West Coast CPE (Chinese Pidgin English) is all bound up with cussin’!

Damn cold, damn hot

Another of our occasional looks at another West Coast pidgin language…