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Me no takee, me no do

To be filed under “more evidence that pidgin languages are street languages”:

Lo’s Legends Learned (by a remarkable woman)

In the 1880’s it was still quite rare for a young woman to strike out on her own to seek fortune and fame.

A hatchet man is at the hello

Because a cartoon is involved, brace yourself for even rougher stereotyping than the usual (sexist as well as racist), but there’s real information here about California Chinese Pidgin English.

Buelville headscratcher

Crowdsource call, going out to my readers!

Indian suffrage, Chinuk Wawa, and sarcasm

Chinuk Wawa was the original Ebonics, evidently.

The Indian History of the Modoc War

Subtitled, thoughtfully, “And the Causes That Led to It”. 

West Coast CPE, 19th c.

One of the topics that keeps intersecting with my unifying theme of Chinook Jargon is the use of multiple pidgin languages here in the West. 

Cayuses, scouts, friends: more from Meacham

Alfred B. Meacham (1826-1882) was chairman of the Modoc Peace Commission who tried to help stop the Modoc Indian War in southern Oregon and northern California.

The Yaquina Indian troubles: Mrs. Kistler’s statement, & linguistic archaeology

(Edited 10/27/2019 to mention my followup to this article.) A hoax to provoke a racist war?

Chinuk Wawa to the Rockies?

Everyone says Chinook Jargon was spoken all the way eastward to the Rocky Mountains. Or from the Rockies to the Pacific.