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Chinook Jargon, and Indians, in a Washington state textbook

Lambert, Dale and Laura Lambert.  1998.  Washington: Past and present.  East Wenatchee, WA: Directed Media, Inc. This is an elementary-school textbook about Washington state for Washington students.  I invite comment on some points… Continue reading


About CHINOOK JARGON!: This site is my way of sharing my ongoing discoveries about the Pacific Northwest’s unique, historic “national language”, Chinuk Wawa a.k.a. Chinook Jargon — and making a living using my… Continue reading

Howay [Haswell, Boit, Hoskins] “Voyages of the Columbia” (Part 2C of 5)

Still asking for you, my reader, to tell me if you believe there are any clear signs of stabilized pidgin / trade languages on the northern PNW Coast in the following reports…

áysh is related to ayáxwul ‘borrow/lend’…also to húyhuy ‘trade’?

There’s an obscure & obsolete Chinook Jargon word for ‘lend; borrow’ that came from “Chihalis” (Lower Chehalis Salish), said George Gibbs in 1863.

Howay [Haswell, Boit, Hoskins] “Voyages of the Columbia” (Part 2B of 5)

Continuing to examine John Box Hoskins’s 2nd NW coast journal, I ask you: Is there much communication here that can’t be explained as the use of a lot of gestures and a few… Continue reading

Howay [Haswell, Boit, Hoskins] “Voyages of the Columbia” (Part 2A of 5)

Back to the grindstone. Here we start Part 2 of our investigation into the assembled journals from one ship’s early fur-trading visits to the Pacific Northwest coast.

kímtəks: not such a rarity, and not so new

One of the many delightful little mysteries of Chinook Jargon is a word that chup henli (Dr. Henry Zenk) turned up in his important research into Grand Ronde’s variety of Chinuk Wawa.

chákwa explained?

There’s so much Lower Chehalis Salish influence, largely undocumented before my research, in Chinuk Wawa.

NW Coast ‘cat’ discoveries: English and ¡Spanish! loans

Languages of the northern Pacific Northwest coast have an odd form of word for ‘cat’, in all 3 unrelated language families:

Howay [Haswell, Boit, Hoskins] “Voyages of the Columbia” (Part 1C of 5)

Continuing our research on the earliest Native contacts with Newcomers on the Pacific Northwest coast is BC judge F.W. Howay’s “Voyages of the “Columbia” to the Northwest coast, 1787-1790 and 1790-1793” (Portland, OR… Continue reading