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Ugh! You’re invited to the Redmen dance!

Add this to your collection of jovial Chinuk Wawa party invitations, sub-file Redmen.

Correspond in Chinook: how to say ‘sandwiches and clam chowder’

Pioneer Thomas Prosch of Seattle adds to a string of Chinuk Wawa-rich appearances in this space… 

The Mazamas

Today I’m just reproducing the closing paragraph of a published invitation (otherwise in English) from the Pacific Northwest’s legendary mountaineering club, The Mazamas. (They still exist.)

Who Will Be Here

A genre of Chinuk Wawa literacy that we’re building quite the file of: the invitation (and the RSVP)…

Port Townsend wears the bell

“Chenook”, they used to say, rhyming it with “ye duke”.

California CPE: Gossip of railwaymen

From time to time I share bits of other “contact languages” besides Chinook Jargon, to help illustrate that these are typically used in “street” situations.

“Ancotty” as a loanword into regional English

It can’t be a coincidence that post-frontier Pacific Northwest settler society, preoccupied with building up the mythic greatness of its earliest arrivals, borrowed Chinuk Wawa’s word for “old times” into English… 

Joe Kuhn’s picnic

Another Chinuk Wawa document that we need to find…and a good light summer read!

I learned Chinook Jargon in 15 minutes

…claimed the colorful, eccentric, famous rich man after whom Jules Verne may or may not have modeled his protagonist Phileas Fogg!

Acres of clams?

Itʹs funny how you find more Chinuk Wawa in Pacific Northwest newspapers after the frontier period than during it…