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Lillooet…A Woman Tenderfoot in Bear Country

From the same area and time as “The Story of a Stump“, where hunters found a Chinuk Pipa message in the woods beyond Lillooet…

Shoalwater Bay stories, Part 2

Today: Acelan’s Story. It’s quite possibly a true newly discovered wrinkle in an old story. 

Chinuk Wawa as far east as Montana in 1862?

Many years afterward, Randall H. Hewitt memorialized his cross-country journey during the Civil War overland to the Pacific Northwest in an amazingly overlooked book…

Beyond loan *words*: Tlingit phrases, metaphors, & calques from (BC) Chinuk Wawa

(I urge you to cross-reference this article with the one I did on Jargon traces in Alaskan Haida.) The freely available Sealaska Heritage Foundation dictionary of Tlingit is a goldmine.

Salmon-canning in British Columbia, 1890s

A woman visitor’s view of “how it’s made” on the lower Fraser River involves a bit of legitimate Chinuk Wawa, for local colour.

A sampler of frontier-era California pidgin Spanish/English/Chinuk Wawa

My readers are steadily treated to the insight (so I claim) that pidgin languages such as Chinook Jargon don’t exist in a vacuum.

The “New Northwest” and “cloochmen’s” suffrage

A refreshing viewpoint involving Chinuk Wawa comes from a Pacific NW feminist periodical, way back in the frontier era…

Again, mixed Chinook-English in central BC’s late frontier

A Klondike gold rusher, and later a Pulitzer Prize recipient, today’s author is an attention-getter.

Union is accomplished! On y parle Chinook!

“Chinook spoken here,” that is.

A trip to the Siletz country (yep, Grand Round is involved)

In earlier days, instead of sending postcards, you might write a letter about your vacation to the hometown paper’s editor…