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Sacramento CPE: A California scandal

As usual, no translation is given for a newspaper quotation of West Coast Chinese Pidgin English.

1897: Yust for fun: Scandihoovian dialect humor

Dialect comedy was ultra-popular in the 1800s, and Scandinavian dialect comedy became a big trend in the post-frontier Pacific Northwest.

1894: China-Japan war

Commentary on current events, in a West Coast pidgin language.

1893: Chinatown agitated

History in the making: the legality of the US’s Chinese Exclusion Act is being decided…

1892: Yen wakes them up

For its visual interest as much as for the small amount of pidgin, I present today’s selection…

1885 Sacramento CPE: The glorious uncertainty

Two tie-ins to Chinuk Wawa here…

1892 California CPE: Bathed in blood (No Jesus here)

One of the Facebook “Chinook Jargon” group members from Grand Ronde commented how weird the Christian hymn “Are You Washed in Jesus’ Blood” sounds from a Native perspective…

1887 Oregon CPE: Toy Chen’s opinion

More about another frontier-era pidgin…

1888: California CPE doggerel: Ah Sing on Ah Ben

Much as African-American English was, Chinese Pidgin English was used a great deal in 19th-century US popular culture, always for comic effect, and usually by someone costumed as a Chinese person.

1893: From Sri Lanka to Similkameen with Susan

There sure were a lot more skilled female Chinook Jargon speakers than you usually hear about…