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1892: Yen wakes them up

For its visual interest as much as for the small amount of pidgin, I present today’s selection…

恭喜發財! Chinese New Year from a Nez Perce perspective

Gung hay fat choy!

“The Chinook and other Indian jargons”

We learn a little something, excerpting from a glowing obituary of then-recently deceased Isaiah Cooper Matheny, Willamette Valley (Oregon) pioneer of the 1843 Applegate wagon train…

Re-evaluating Boas’s 1888 “Chinook Songs” (Part 3)

Onward to three more of the “Chinook Songs”…

One f***-mouthed footpad!

Holy ****! Once again, West Coast CPE (Chinese Pidgin English) is all bound up with cussin’!

Samuel Hancock’s “Thirteen Years [give or take] on the Northwest Coast”

A fella I don’t reckon I knew much about came early to Northern Oregon (pre-Washington Territory) & noted plenty of Chinook Jargon there…

Damn cold, damn hot

Another of our occasional looks at another West Coast pidgin language…

Crusoe’s Island

Squarely in the frontier period (1857), a sharp-tongued Irish immigrant of high artistic and literary talent landed in the Pacific Northwest for a time as a government worker of various titles.

How he was sold

As direct linguistic evidence, this is not so hot, but it’s quite a revealing variation on a popular frontier-era joke about sociolinguistic expectations.

Police Court

From the Barkerville beat: a sample of another pidgin language…