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Alsea ‘knife’, ‘metal’, and missing links

Research on other Pacific Northwest languages quite often yields Chinuk Wawa treasure.

Doggerel, as political commentary, on the murder of a Native leader

It’s fictional Chinook Jargon (as loaned into English), but the topic is a distressing reality.

The Yaquina Indian troubles: Mrs. Kistler’s statement, & linguistic archaeology

(Edited 10/27/2019 to mention my followup to this article.) A hoax to provoke a racist war?

Antedating “Chinook wind”…back to Chinuk Wawa?

One of those “I thought I’d already written about this” moments…

Highass close scucum Boston man

In Idaho’s history, you have to look either mighty early or mighty late to scare up any Chinuk Wawa.

At least a bit of Chinuk Wawa in Idaho

I started writing a post today about why there’s so little Chinook Jargon documented in Idaho. It got involved. I’ll share it as a separate article soon. Today let’s just look at one… Continue reading

Of course Chinuk Wawa was printed in Oregon’s first newspaper!

It’s ridiculously Western.

The life & poems of Theo. Winthrop

One of the most popular Chinook Jargon-related books ever published was Theodore Winthrop’s 1863 “The Canoe and the Saddle“. (Read a fine-looking copy of it for free at that link.) Titled in the… Continue reading

Koho stick

Until & after my dictionaries (plural) of Chinuk Wawa are published, I want every last one of you to buy the Grand Ronde Tribes’ dictionary. At $29.95 it’s a very good deal, giving… Continue reading

It’s not just for wood rats anymore: Thunderbird speaks Chinuk Wawa

In a previous installment, we learned from Civil War general Phil Sheridan that wood rats know Chinook Jargon. (Image credit: Story of the Chinook) Today, a supernatural being in Alaska joins the conversation.… Continue reading