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FW Howay 1943 “Origin of the Chinook Jargon on the Northwest Coast” (post-contact)

One of the very smartest pieces ever published about Chinuk Wawa’s history, was written by a BC judge.

1794: The earliest possible date for Chinook Jargon

To provoke your thoughts on the origin of Chinuk Wawa…

1904: Riot at Nootka, and echoes of Sir James Douglas!

Settler readers understood the Chinuk Wawa argument reported below without translation…

More about General Pickett & a Jargon “Lord’s Prayer”

“Pickett and His Men” is a popular biography by [Mrs.] Lasalle Corbell Pickett (2nd edition; Atlanta, GA: The Foote & Davies Company) of her husband, Confederate States of America General George — one… Continue reading

Is ‘dance’ in Jargon ONLY from English?

Nothing earth-shaking here 馃檪

HMCS Nootka

In the Canadian uniformed services, you sometimes find mottos in Chinuk Wawa… …Here’s yet another for our collection. Quoting from Wikipedia: HMCS Nootka was a Tribal-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian… Continue reading

Q史i路q史i路di膷膷aqa: The Jargon in Makah

Here is another Indigenous language of the northern coastal regions that preserves quite a bit of good Chinuk Wawa…

Dr. John Scouler使s journal & the expansion of Jargon beyond the lower Columbia

[Editing on 09.26.2021 to correct my headline — I don’t see evidence of CW beyond the Fort Vancouver area in Scouler’s or anyone else’s documents at the time. DDR] Often when we’re researching… Continue reading

Chinook Jargon as a BC Aboriginal language

The following is an argument I wrote up as a grad student, a few years back. It’s keenly relevant now, eh?

Early evidence for Chinook Jargon: 1813

1813 would be early evidence for extensive Chinook Jargon use. 聽On this point, I’m in agreement with Robert Francis Jones, the modern editor of “Annals of Astoria: The Headquarters Log of the Pacific… Continue reading