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The great Panjandrum, the Hyu Tyee, the wonderful Pooh-Bah

Disclaimer: the following was published 50 years before Donald Trump was even born.

Big Chicamin, BC, and how to translate Led Zeppelin

Big man, big metal…

The Human Side of the Indian

Indians are people too! This had to be pointed out in 1906!

“la-let” = milk?

A Métis girl who was there tells us a new word…

Inventor of Dene syllabics slams inventor of Jargon shorthand

-Notorious Northern character Father Adrien-Gabriel Morice’s “Carrier Reading-Book” (Stuart’s Lake Mission, BC: 1894) starts with one of his diatribes. This might seem odd in a lesson book. But there’s a very real reason… Continue reading

Echoes from Elko

A single wry word of Chinook Jargon that says a lot. Since the sad shooting accident up the South Fork of the Elk River all the Kootenay Indians left.  They say there are… Continue reading

Impressions of a Tenderfoot: During a Journey in Search of Sport in the Far West

“Impressions of a Tenderfoot: During a Journey in Search of Sport in the Far West” by Mrs. Algernon St. Maur (London: John Murray, 1890).  It’s said that this was quite a popular book… Continue reading

Kinbasket’s “Columbia River Shuswaps”, a railroad surveyor, and the Jargon

“The Rocks and Rivers of British Columbia” by the engineer/surveyor Walter Moberly (London: H. Blacklock & Co., 1885.) This is the sort of old Northwest book that’s not quite crammed full of the stuff… Continue reading

Halo jawbone

At evening we walked up to Geary’s ranch, which he ” runs ” as a kind of hotel for the few travellers who pass this way. Conspicuous on the wall of the only… Continue reading

So 2 chiefs & a priest travel to Europe, part 6

“…keeps changing direction, always angry, always making noise; gets as white as snow, keeps jumping up and down…” – – and they’re not even talking about The White Man! 🙂  (Previous installment here.)… Continue reading