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1921: Alaskan “Eyak” Jargon is a mix of pidgins!

Well after the frontier period, a Chinook Jargon invitation in Alaska is quite a different animal from “the classic Chinook”.

1786: Alexander Walker on the PNW coast (part 2 of 2)

Here’s part 2 of 2 in our examination of a really neat historical document of early contact…

1788: Meares in the Nootka zone, and the limitations of proto-Nootka Jargon

A hat tip to Dr. Peter Bakker for nudging me to more fully explore British maritime fur-trader John Meares’ journals…

1912: A postcard in Chinuk Wawa (from a new archive)

Rein “Snass” Stamm, have you seen this?

1911 letter: Mrs. Kenny Was True Pioneer

A not-so-tiptop typesetter gives us mildly muddled, but still interesting, Chinook Jargon and English from post-frontier southwest Oregon.

Red Men Greet Their Big Chiefs

The Red Men were a Settler fraternal organization that we’ve seen was quite attached to the “Jargon”…

1899: Washougal, an Indian Romance

The folklore behind an Indigenous place-name is Whitemansplained; some excellent Chinuk Wawa emerges from the layers of fiction and lavish illustrations.

1892: Chinook Whist

Evidently not an April Fools joke!

The Potlatch at Sooke

Chinook Jargon is candidly used for local colour in this touristy 1907 eyewitness piece…

Ugh! You’re invited to the Redmen dance!

Add this to your collection of jovial Chinuk Wawa party invitations, sub-file Redmen.