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Notices & voyages…and francophone taxonomy

So I think I’ve already blogged about much of the material that’s in this book….

French-creole Chinuk Wawa domestic relations

A new language is said to “creolize” when it becomes a community’s mother tongue…

1870: Discoveries confirmed, discoveries added

A territorial travelogue tells us a tiny tidbit or two of the Jargon. Some is new news!

The Potlatch at Sooke

Chinook Jargon is candidly used for local colour in this touristy 1907 eyewitness piece…

1881: Remoter Sechelts don’t know Chinuk Wawa

For a community who embraced “Chinook Writing” and Chinook Jargon in the 1890s, the Sechelt Salish people of BC’s Sunshine Coast surprise us by their 1880s unfamiliarity with Jargon.

1858-59: Bushby, Gold Rush eyewitness, and James Douglas’s family

Today’s gold nugget is “The Journal of Arthur Thomas Bushby, 1858-1859“, edited by Dorothy Blakey Smith (reprinted from the British Columbia Historical Quarterly volumes of January-October, 1957-1958).

Quileute’s Chinuk Wawa (and other) traces

I’ve gradually been looking through linguistic documentation of Indigenous languages that have borrowed Chinook Jargon words, and today I come to Quileute…

1903: Among the People of British Columbia

Today I’d like to introduce you to an unfairly overlooked book, “Among the People of British Columbia: Red, White, Yellow, and Brown” by Frances Elizabeth Herring (London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1903)…

That Reply of the ‘Girl Next Door’

Folksy doggerel!

Qʷi·qʷi·diččaqa: The Jargon in Makah

Here is another Indigenous language of the northern coastal regions that preserves quite a bit of good Chinuk Wawa…