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Clattewah, or, how variant spellings led me to a mixed Spanish-English-CJ pidgin

[ *** Edited for clarity — because I posted this late last night 🙂 *** ] A humorous bit about the high cost of living in San Francisco — how timely! A racist… Continue reading

“All same” as 2 pidgins influencing each other

Believe it or not, pidgin languages — like Chinook Jargon — quite frequently interact with each other.  Cultural contact situations have, historically, often been cyclone-like: traveling swirls of activity moving from one locale onward to… Continue reading

1866: Hiyou blankets and multilingual Settlers

We continue to find untranslated pidgin words and quotations in West Coast newspapers of the later frontier era…

Sacramento CPE: You sabee him allee same Washington

A brief quotation of Californian Chinese Pidgin English in the late-frontier era shows you more about West Coast “contact languages”…

Welcome to Halo Chemuck, California

One early frontier town in California combined 2 pidgin languages in its name…

Eyak & Chinuk Wawa

Another in my surveys of Chinuk Wawa’s traces in Pacific Northwest tribal languages — this time in Alaska’s Eyak language — turns up the usual fascinating discoveries 🙂

“Canadian Camp Life”

Another largely autobiographical book by Frances Elizabeth Herring shows us some more BC Chinuk Wawa…

1894: Drama among the Mongols

An unusual find — a Chinese woman who spoke Chinese Pidgin English:

1914: You savvy this?

It says something that the newspaper editor threw some untranslated Chinese Pidgin English together with untranslated Chinuk Wawa…

1909: a “Spokeshoot liar” & very fluent Jargon

From a current ghost town that was then one of British Columbia’s biggest settlements (where Franz Boas did a lot of his work with Tsimshians & Haidas)…