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A sampler of frontier-era California pidgin Spanish/English/Chinuk Wawa

My readers are steadily treated to the insight (so I claim) that pidgin languages such as Chinook Jargon don’t exist in a vacuum.

Hines, Voyage around the world

Rev. Gustavus Hines, in his “Voyage around the World” (Buffalo, NY: George H. Derby and Co., 1850), is at pains to inform his readers that he’s editing out all “jargons”, starting with the… Continue reading

B.C. Black History, Indigenous race relations, plus Bostons & Chinese

Mifflin Wistar Gibbs (1823-1915) was a remarkable person.

The seasick & the P.O.W.

It’s a twofer today!

Necessity made a tongue (and a prayer)

Here we discover a new (well, 1890) prayer in Chinuk Wawa.

A point made by the “untutored savage”

A double slur.

Indian suffrage, Chinuk Wawa, and sarcasm

Chinuk Wawa was the original Ebonics, evidently.

The Indian History of the Modoc War

Subtitled, thoughtfully, “And the Causes That Led to It”. 

Attitude(s) about Jargon

We all have a colorful neighbor who always finds opportunities to inject their lovably offensive opinions into a conversation…

“He yearns”

And you think people are mean to presidents nowadays…!