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Pigeon English letter (can it be found?)

A report of a letter in Chinese Pidgin English…can it be found in some archive?

Son of Lingít chief dies

Untranslated Chinuk Wawa in an Alaska newspaper, frontier-era.

Siwash pilgrims

Mighty patronizing, but I think revenge gets had, and there’s some good data here.

Mary gives us a new verb for Christmas(ing)

Tlus pus msaika yutl tomtom! (Rejoice!) Chi tanas wawa chako kopa nsaika! (A new word has come to us!)

The Cliff Safety ad, 1902

Lively colloquial use of a language is gold.  Too many now-endangered or extinct languages lack clues to how they were once spontaneously spoken. I want to suggest that, of all the unexpected genres,… Continue reading