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A séance with a Cayuse chief via Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa!

Apparently my powers of invention have been outstripped by other folks’ weird scientific uses for Chinuk Wawa.

Elip Tilicum

ílep-tílixam: a culturally significant term that goes way back in Chinuk Wawa.

Explaining “tahmanous”

Saying “tah tah” to one etymology…

“Savash soap” & valuable new old phrases

A little-known manuscript by early Chinook Jargon expert George Gibbs opens our eyes to some actual usages…

Indian shorthand writers (1911)

The writer of this piece about Kamloops Wawa‘s culture of written Chinook Jargon claims to have been on the scene, but she’s noticeably cribbing from the article I shared yesterday 🙂

Christianizing Indians by teaching them shorthand

Add this to our scrapbook of historical documents on the Chinook Writing…

Two old saws

A couple of persistent stories about Chinuk Wawa. From “The Story of Metlakahtla” by Henry S. Wellcome (London: Saxon & Co., 1887). It’s a narrative of how the missionary Reverend William Duncan came… Continue reading

It’s not just for wood rats anymore: Thunderbird speaks Chinuk Wawa

In a previous installment, we learned from Civil War general Phil Sheridan that wood rats know Chinook Jargon. (Image credit: Story of the Chinook) Today, a supernatural being in Alaska joins the conversation.… Continue reading

Gi-a-wak (doggerel)

“Should you ask me, whence these stories?” — H.W. Longfellow There’s evidence in the following “Song of Hiawatha” clone that Chinook Jargon lies beneath.  For instance: You have the overt “Shaped his lips… Continue reading