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Confirmed: Grand Ronde CW ‘colt’

Serendipitously, we can now confirm a “new” Jargon discovery that I noted just the other day.

Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa in the “Kalapuya Texts” (part 6: Totally new discoveries?)

Gleaning some odds and ends…

Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa in the “Kalapuya Texts” (part 4: Calques)

As you read what I suggest are discoveries below, be aware that asterisks make clear when I’m guessing…

Correspond in Chinook: how to say ‘sandwiches and clam chowder’

Pioneer Thomas Prosch of Seattle adds to a string of Chinuk Wawa-rich appearances in this space… 

Acres of clams?

Itʹs funny how you find more Chinuk Wawa in Pacific Northwest newspapers after the frontier period than during it…

Crowdsourcing challenge, continued: Swinomish letter in Chinuk Wawa

Three weeks ago, my readers helped find a pair of 1920’s letters in Chinuk Wawa; today I’m presenting the first to you. It’s very rich, fluent, heartfelt material. 

Hocus wocus? A Galice Creek seed puzzler

Edited 11/09/2017 to add: read the Comments to see why my readers are a priceless resource. It turns out we’ve found the most southerly occurrence of one obscure Chinuk Wawa word! Ironically, today’s… Continue reading