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A. Delano & why Chinuk Wawa was thought to extend to the Rocky Mts.

Not too long ago, I read the Forty-Niner A[lonzo] Delano’s 1854 book: “Life on the Plains and Among the Diggings; being Scenes and Adventures of an Overland Journey to California: with Particular Incidents… Continue reading

“Digger” Jargon keeps surfacing

From Hutchings’ Illustrated California Magazine, Vol. IV no. 4 (October 1859), column “Our Social Chair”, page 185: the popular verse “Lo! The Poor Indian” (originally a section of Alexander Pope’s “Essay on Man“, and… Continue reading

More clues in Franchère 1820

I’ve long owned a copy of Gabriel Franchère’s memoir of life at Fort Astoria (Pacific Fur Co.) in the early 1810s…

1868: Sproat, “Scenes and Studies…”

A Scottish settler on Vancouver Island, who claims to know just 100 Chinook Wawa words, turns out to be a sympathetic and keen observer of First Nations life…

wík mánaqi, & a new layer of Canadian heritage?

A Grand Ronde expression…

Again, mixed Chinook-English in central BC’s late frontier

A Klondike gold rusher, and later a Pulitzer Prize recipient, today’s author is an attention-getter.

The Western Avernus

This is a book that makes more of a literary impression than a linguistic one, but there’s worthy Chinooking from the British Columbia frontier here.

Cayuses, scouts, friends: more from Meacham

Alfred B. Meacham (1826-1882) was chairman of the Modoc Peace Commission who tried to help stop the Modoc Indian War in southern Oregon and northern California.

Yeah, yeah, pour some more!

Today’s essay takes a memorable Archie Bunker moment as its theme.

Chinook Jargon as a BC Aboriginal language

The following is an argument I wrote up as a grad student, a few years back. It’s keenly relevant now, eh?