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Nootka Jargon in Haida territory

Regarding the mists of pre-Chinuk Wawa history, we can just make out that a couple of earlier pidgin languages entered the DNA of our Jargon…

Earliest use of phrase ‘Nootka Jargon’?

Thank you, Google Books. This 1890 find may be one of the earliest uses of the phrase ‘Nootka Jargon’. It’s also interesting for what it says about Chinuk Wawa.    

John Enrico’s insights on the old “Haida” Jargon

Independent agreement that there was a sort of pidginized Haida in use during early days of contact with non-Indigenous people…

Earlyish recognition of Chinook-Chehalis Jargon, plus…

One of the few published mentions of the pidgin Haida of the early Northwest Coast maritime fur trade…

1792: Moziño, “Noticias de Nutka”, the first clear “Nootka” pidgin (part 2 of 2)

[Continuing from Part 1, yesterday.] Mociño goes on with his description of the local language; on page 53 he notes, …I observed that with some small variations they [verbs] could be turned into… Continue reading

1792: Moziño, “Noticias de Nutka”, the first clear “Nootka” pidgin (part 1 of 2)

I draw pretty clear conclusions from today’s source, but I’m putting out the call to Southern Wakashanists to answer the many questions that follow…

1795-1796: Bishop’s “Ruby” journals, and an amorphous NW Coast Jargon

I recently wrote a little about how Captain Charles Bishop’s ship “Ruby” may have been the first to linger in the Pacific Northwest, and thus may have inspired Chinuk Wawa.

1944: Rena V. Grant, “The Chinook Jargon, Past and Present” documents the early spread of CJ in BC

The English professor who discovered a lost Walt Whitman poem also wrote some good scholarly articles on Chinook Jargon.

Distinguishing “Métis” from “métis” in the Chinook Jargon world

I often tell you that Chinook Jargon is a “Métis” language; is this the same as a “métis” language?

“Making” “use” of Jargon’s resources

As usual, first southern Chinuk Wawa had a vaguer expression, then northern CW got a preciser one.