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Carmack of the Klondike

Western gold rushes were associated with Chinook Jargon. We see bits of CJ appearing in northern California shortly after the Forty-Niners arrived from the eastern states. Those men couldn’t have known a useful… Continue reading

So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, parts 15-37

I’m challenging myself to get the full 64 pages put up online before the holidays, so you’ll have plenty of reading material to practice with. — Dave (Previous installment here, with English translation… Continue reading

Sluiskin’s warning! Kloshe nanich!

(Notice how I’m indulging in exclamations this week?!)

From Copenhagen to Okanogan, part 4

[Final installment. ┬áSee previous episodes for more info on this fascinating pioneer memoir…life in the Okanogan Highlands of Washington State, 1880s-1930s. ┬áMost of what I’ve excerpted in this blog happened in the last… Continue reading