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1914 poem: “Reminiscences of an Old-Timer — Mica Kumtux”

Charming Kootenays doggerel!

1909: Skookum boots

Just putting this here.

1896: Didn’t sabey Chinook

Might be the earliest known occurrence of the perfect Pacific NW joke.

1889: Jack or Donald “Truths”, Revelstoke, BC

I’m not catching the reference in the headline, are you?

Kamloops Wawa humour (Part 1)

Jokes, fun quips, recreative wordplay: the classic Chinuk Wawa newspaper Kamloops Wawa had plenty of humour.

1916: Chinook as a wartime code language…again

I’ve previously shown that the Jargon was a useful code in more than one wartime setting, including for both blue- and greycoats in the US Civil War, and for Canuck troops in WW1…

1894: Father Morice trashes Chinuk Pipa

In the preface to the 2nd edition of his Dakelh Dene “Carrier Reading-Book“, A.G. Morice OMI trashes his perceived competition, the new, vastly popular Chinuk Pipa of southern BC. Pages 6 to 8… Continue reading

1887: A Ramble in British Columbia

A book that we’ve only briefly touched on has a tiny bit more to tell about Chinuk Wawa in BC.

BC word discovery: “Siwash potatoes” = spring beauty (& other observations)

“An Early Settler Takes up Land” is a 1950 memoir by the late T.H. Butters…

Dick Fry, high tyee at Bonners Ferry

“High tyee“, like “high muckymuck“,  reflects a mixed English-Chinook Wawa pedigree, but is its own critter.