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1858: Jargon humor in California

One byproduct of the Fraser River gold rush of 1858 was that Oregon gained even greater prominence in the minds of Californians, who found its inhabitants oddballs.

1914: Hyiu Siwash Kopa Chahko Mika, a letter

True to form, post-frontier Settler Chinook Jargon that fits into the genre of CJ invitations and challenges.

1930: Willie McCluskey and the fair

William “Willie” McCluskey (1862-1939) was a Swinomish Reservation (La Conner, Washington) man who wrote a number of fine Chinook Jargon letters in the post-frontier era.

1914: “The last of the Indian ‘potlatch’ “

From one of the great Canadian magazines, an impressively well reported account of the colonialist prohibition on potlatching.

1863-1865: Chinuk Wawa from a German in Oregon!

Jargon as written German-style, in the Fraktur alphabet even!

1893: (April Fools?) Tug-of-war

A sub-type of the “invitations in Chinook genre”: challenges to sporting matches.

1915: Pioneers to Picnic

Our bulging file of Chinook Jargon invitations to pioneer-themed social events gets fatter today…

1906: For presentation to Teddy Roosevelt

In a previous post, I reported that US President Teddy Roosevelt spoke Chinook.

1899 Xmas: Have you read the posters?

Another Chinook Jargon artifact from Kittitas County that I’d like to find…

1787-1788: Colnett, and no existing NW Coast pidgin

A British commander travels much of the Pacific Northwest coast in the interest of fur trading…