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More clues in Franchère 1820

I’ve long owned a copy of Gabriel Franchère’s memoir of life at Fort Astoria (Pacific Fur Co.) in the early 1810s…

“Why the alahs are sticky”

Thanks again to my reader Jim Mattila, this time for sending along a scan of a neat old newspaper article involving Lushootseed speakers and Chinuk Wawa.

1868: Sproat, “Scenes and Studies…”

A Scottish settler on Vancouver Island, who claims to know just 100 Chinook Wawa words, turns out to be a sympathetic and keen observer of First Nations life…

Eyak & Chinuk Wawa

Another in my surveys of Chinuk Wawa’s traces in Pacific Northwest tribal languages — this time in Alaska’s Eyak language — turns up the usual fascinating discoveries 🙂

“Canadian Camp Life”

Another largely autobiographical book by Frances Elizabeth Herring shows us some more BC Chinuk Wawa…

1904: “In the Pathless West with Soldiers, Pioneers, Miners, and Savages”

Pay heed to a keen observer: “In the Pathless West with Soldiers, Pioneers, Miners, and Savages” by Frances Elizabeth Herring (London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1904)

1870: “Bombardment of Wrangel”

A frontier-era report on a major episode in early US-Alaskan history shows that Chinuk Wawa was already present when the Russians left.

1904, vintage 1854: An excellent Olympia anniversary greeting

Lucky us, finding a Chinuk Wawa time capsule from 1904 of a time capsule from 1854!

wík mánaqi, & a new layer of Canadian heritage?

A Grand Ronde expression…

James G. Swan’s diary (1859-63)

Shortly after living on Shoalwater Bay, Washington Territory, where he wrote his famous memoir / document of Chinook Jargon…