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1884 Sacramento CPE: Mackey’s Chinese hop-pickers, & talking about Black lives in pidgins

Definitely offensive now, and definitely useful data.

1871: A Negro boot-black (& a missing pidgin)

There’s at least one pidgin missing from the flock of languages in this astonished mention of a Portland Black man.

恭喜發財! Chinese New Year from a Nez Perce perspective

Gung hay fat choy!

1896 CPE: Scheme to land Chinese

Another West Coast pidgin language?

1888 BC CPE: Chinese superstition

Also in the department of “Other Pidgin Languages on the West Coast”…

1903: A variation on the “talking pidgin to brown people” joke

On this site, I’ve previously shown old news clippings that paint some clueless white person as a fool for talking Chinese Pidgin English, etc., to someone who turns out to be better educated… Continue reading

A sampler of frontier-era California pidgin Spanish/English/Chinuk Wawa

My readers are steadily treated to the insight (so I claim) that pidgin languages such as Chinook Jargon don’t exist in a vacuum.

California CPE: Chinese cyclist bumps one (or “blumps” one?)

Three things I like very well — local news reporting, Chinese-food delivery and pidgin languages — collide…

B.C. Black History, Indigenous race relations, plus Bostons & Chinese

Mifflin Wistar Gibbs (1823-1915) was a remarkable person.

Pigeon English letter (can it be found?)

A report of a letter in Chinese Pidgin English…can it be found in some archive?