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Buelville headscratcher

Crowdsource call, going out to my readers!

Solomon’s Sorrow: The cross-examination of Jimmy Sampson, Merritt, BC, 1911

The local paper gave a ton of space to this courtroom story, thus giving us a rare peep into the use of Chinuk Wawa and pidgin English in that setting…

The Human Side of the Indian

Indians are people too! This had to be pointed out in 1906!

The Western Avernus

This is a book that makes more of a literary impression than a linguistic one, but there’s worthy Chinooking from the British Columbia frontier here.

“Mary Had a Little Lamb”, with a side of linguistic archaeology

True story: There was a late-1800s vogue for jokey versions of the kids’ nursery rhyme, “Mary Had a Little Lamb“. 

“The Bridge Across the Willamette”: PDX attitude goes waaay back! (To Grand Ronde?)

From an article about hopes for a great city of East Portland (EPDX?), Oregon, an inspiring poem:

The days of a fishy guy who visited the Makahs

Look what turned up in my net! Some brief but vivid notes about Chinook Jargon as used in Washington Territory’s Makah Indians, 1880.

Did Chinook Jargon ‘pish’ = all marine creatures?

File under Chinook Jargon expert witness, ethnoichthyology, ethnozoology, Chinook Jargon translator, etc.: 

Oregon: There & back in 1877 (& again)

Here’s someone who monetized his travelogues to beat the band! Eventual Oregon State University founder Wallis Nash published not one but two books about his visits from England to Oregon. And he dedicated one… Continue reading

Sitka Jimmy in Dawson, Yukon Territory

Chinook Jargon was not actually used very much in the Yukon Territory, despite the impressions you may have gathered from Jack London‘s using it for local colour. That’s why today’s Klondike gold rush-era… Continue reading