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Why there are so few loan words in Ktunaxa (Kootenay/Kutenai)

A lack of foreign borrowed words in a language doesn’t necessarily tell you there were historically no foreigners present…

1888: Teddy Roosevelt spoke Chinuk Wawa! In the Kootenays!

For real? Yet another US bigwig involved with Jargon?!

1895, Kootenays: the most cultus bunch around

The Kootenays of southeast British Columbia (and Washington and Idaho) were one of the last strongholds of Chinuk Wawa.

“Siwashed” in BC English newspapers

All 3 examples of “siwashed” today come from a single newspaper, and all have the same meaning.

1913: “Communication” about “Chocko Mika” and “Chah-ko Mika”

New news about an established community celebration in Nelson, southeastern British Columbia.

More about Ktunaxa use of Chinuk Wawa

I’ve been having a look into Leonard Corwin Brant’s book…

pre-1889: Reminiscences of an old timer including Shoalwater Bay

This fella had experience of just about all of Washington Territory, including the early-creolized Chinuk Wawa-speaking Shoalwater Bay (page ix); he was sheriff of Pacific County around the same time CW expert James… Continue reading

“Quick willies” in the Okanagan

I was looking through “BC Then and Now: Okanagan / Kootenay / Cariboo / Volume One” by Roland Morgan (Vancouver, BC: Bodima, 1978).

1914: Hyiu Siwash Kopa Chahko Mika, a letter

True to form, post-frontier Settler Chinook Jargon that fits into the genre of CJ invitations and challenges.

PNW tribe names from Métis French

Here as usual I’ll refer to the mixed Cree-French language Michif for Métis French word forms.