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1858: Two California pidgins

Back-to-back pidgins in frontier-era California teach us a thing or two…

A sampler of frontier-era California pidgin Spanish/English/Chinuk Wawa

My readers are steadily treated to the insight (so I claim) that pidgin languages such as Chinook Jargon don’t exist in a vacuum.

“Mas” about California pidgin Spanish

Last post, I introduced you to California Pidgin Spanish of the gold-rush times, 1858…now, here is más. This time without Chinook Jargon mixed in. First I want to report that the earliest find I’ve… Continue reading

1858: A California goldrusher on the Fraser speaks CW thru a bottleneck

Here’s one of the cheechakoes who did most of the work of making Chinuk Wawa a nearly universal BC language.

Is DARE “cha-muck-a-muck” Californian?

Here’s a quick crowdsourcing challenge:

Pigeon milk and pidgin under stress

A party of Settler customers in a Northern California Chinese restaurant decide it’s funny to horse around with the difference between their own English and their host’s…

Welcome to Halo Chemuck, California

One early frontier town in California combined 2 pidgin languages in its name…

1884 Sacramento CPE: Mackey’s Chinese hop-pickers, & talking about Black lives in pidgins

Definitely offensive now, and definitely useful data.

Sacramento CPE: A California scandal

As usual, no translation is given for a newspaper quotation of West Coast Chinese Pidgin English.

1892 California CPE: Bathed in blood (No Jesus here)

One of the Facebook “Chinook Jargon” group members from Grand Ronde commented how weird the Christian hymn “Are You Washed in Jesus’ Blood” sounds from a Native perspective…