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1891: Women spoke Chinese Pidgin English, too!

The West Coast variety of Chinese Pidgin English was only spoken by men, you’d think from the gender ratio you’ve been seeing on this site…

The importance of women in printing Kamloops Wawa

All I can add to this superb and important note about Chinuk Pipa‘s reliance on female printers is that Angele Edward was Hyacinth Sisyésq’t’s daughter-in-law.

Ugh! So these 2 white women decide to write fiction about Indians…

This is just a short note about a literary use of Chinook Jargon.

Covered Wagon Women

The letter of Anna Maria King, Luckiamute Valley, Oregon, April 1, 1846: [page 44:] The Indians appear to be very friendly, like to have the Bostons come, as they call them.   Tabitha Brown (1780-1858, co-founder… Continue reading

Two Dianas in Alaska, denigrating Salish women

Two Dianas in Alaska. By Agnes Herbert and A. Shikari (pseudonym). London : John Lane, The Bodley Head / New York : John Lane Company. MCMIX. These snide English ladies (one a member… Continue reading

Seven Frontier Women and the Founding of Spokane Falls

Cochran, Barbara F.  2011.  Seven frontier women and the founding of Spokane Falls.  Spokane, WA: Tornado Creek Publications.  [Written 1986 or 1987, just before the author’s death.–DDR] page 8:  (in chapter I about… Continue reading

Champness, “To Cariboo and Back in 1862”

A British man is lured by the BC gold rushes, but perhaps makes more money writing about the experience…

1792: Moziño, “Noticias de Nutka”, the first clear “Nootka” pidgin (part 2 of 2)

[Continuing from Part 1, yesterday.] Mociño goes on with his description of the local language; on page 53 he notes, …I observed that with some small variations they [verbs] could be turned into… Continue reading

1840-1841: The US Ex Ex, the PNW, and the still-local Chinuk Wawa

We get quite the useful picture of how widespread the already-creolized Chinuk Wawa was in 1840-1841, when we absorb this great report:

1853: George B. McClellan’s PNW railroad survey diary

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