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1846: Frémont’s “Narrative” and implicit CW

Not all documents of Chinuk Wawa seem like documents of CW.

1841: Previously unknown early CW place names…and Native humour??

A Chinuk Wawa place name that I hadn’t known of 1in the lower Columbia River area…

1904: Fire in a Chicago Theatre (Part 2 of 2)

In another terrible coincidence…

Nisqually, 1906: Recalling the first 4th of July on the Pacific coast

The early settlers of the Nisqually area of south Puget Sound gathered to commemorate an event that occurred even before they arrived.

Pioneer Nig Saul

At points offensive, but well worth quoting in full, is this nationally circulated rare biographical remembrance of a very early African-American settler and Jargon speaker on the Lower Columbia.

A Clatsop pioneer of 1840 recalls…

Eyewitness to a maritime disaster of the United States Exploring Expedition, the wreck of the USS Peacock…

Linguistic archaeology: Treaty language (Point No Point), part 2

More linguistic archaeology, reconstructing some Chinuk Wawa treaty language.

“Unreliable interpreters” and minimizing Chinuk Wawa

Sometimes your time gets eaten up with correcting unreliable OCR…sometimes with correcting an unreliable senior scholar.

The Halloweena Indians

(Image credit: YouTube) For another seasonally appropriate article, turn out the lights and draw close as I tell you about…the Halloweena Indians. Scary! On a cold day when white people were still outnumbered… Continue reading

Hyou dams!

Mirabile visu, a book review turns juicy! Commenting at length on Horatio Hale’s 1890 revision of his 1846 (Wilkes) U.S. Exploring Expedition report, a Robert Brown tosses in some great s#!+ in Chinook that you’ve never read… Continue reading