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1901: Telegrams “in unknown tongue” (Chinuk Wawa and Cree)

I betcha the Cree one is more or less pidginized…

1867: Salish telegram in Chinook

This should have been posted on my site long ago, when I originally read it! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

Another version of the US Grant ‘n’ Stanton ‘n’ Nesmith ‘n’ Ingalls anecdote

A different Chinook telegram!

1895: Spoke for Oregon — which hymn is that?

A somewhat humorous anecdote raises a neat research question…

A 3rd Kamloops Indigenous letter in CW from the WW1 front

From Kamloops Wawa #270 (January-April 1917), I present a third Indigenous-written Chinuk Pipa letter from the battlefields of Europe.

1942: Robie Reid’s fine little CW article

This is a solid lesson on Chinuk Wawa history, and a great chance to learn more about both preachers’ & naughty songsters’ use of the language in BC.

1903: A variation on the “talking pidgin to brown people” joke

On this site, I’ve previously shown old news clippings that paint some clueless white person as a fool for talking Chinese Pidgin English, etc., to someone who turns out to be better educated… Continue reading

Union is accomplished! On y parle Chinook!

“Chinook spoken here,” that is.

Necessity made a tongue (and a prayer)

Here we discover a new (well, 1890) prayer in Chinuk Wawa.

A hatchet man is at the hello

Because a cartoon is involved, brace yourself for even rougher stereotyping than the usual (sexist as well as racist), but there’s real information here about California Chinese Pidgin English.