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Tilakums Katsuk, swastikas, and the Bannock War

There are things I find in my work with old documents that would be disturbing if taken out of context. Some Chinook Jargon dictionaries have swastikas on their covers.  (“It’s an ‘Indian’ symbol!”… Continue reading

El Comancho’s Washington, DC newspaper column on Chinook Jargon (4 of 6)

Swastikas on the Boys’ and Girls’ Page!

1914: City Puts on Its Gay Duds for Potlatch

It’s hard to find many Pride-related topics in old newspapers, so I’ve settled on this one.

El Comancho — nationally syndicated?!

Walter Shelley “El Comancho” Phillips was quite the self-promoter…

Bring out the wapsina! When the Redmen come to town, you go full Chinook Jargon

Does sex sell dry goods to Red Men?