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Animacy that’s in the House that Jack Built that Robert Stuart wrote

Pop quiz: Was Chinuk Wawa author Robert F. Stuart… (A) an Astorian (which would make him old enough to be Mrs. Downey-Bartlett’s grandfather), or (B) the California gold-rushing father of Granville Stuart (which would make… Continue reading

And speaking of circuses…! Why Granville Stuart’s “Montana As It Is” is so rarely seen

Hold on to your Stetsons, buckaroos, this one is gonna take you for a wild ride!

Granville Stuart’s overlooked Oregon Chinuk Wawa, and potential benefits to Grand Ronde

Sam Johnson had a brilliant insight: you have to examine every Chinook Jargon dictionary in detail.

=na =na =na =na, =na =na =na =na, hey hey hey, data!

Howdy folks, I started an essay on what we know about the Yes/No particle =na, and it surprised me by getting complicated…

tʰíl & ‘hard times’

Father Lionnet’s 1853 dictionary gloss of Jargon tʰil as French dur got me thinking…

And another Haida-style “northern song”!

Hayu masi kopa Deb Masso, who shared a song I’d never heard before…

Haida drinking song

nawitka hayu masi (many thanks indeed) to Rein “snas” Stamm for noticing a Jargon song we hadn’t spotted previously.

On the source of tutúsh, or, help, I don’t understand Cree grammar!

Tutúsh ‘to nurse/suck; breast(s)/nipple; milk’ in Chinook Jargon is broadly acknowledged to trace back to an Algonquian source, back East.

French-Chinuk Wawa body parts are creole

Most words of Canadian/Métis French that entered Chinuk Wawa carried the Definite Article (le/la/les) along with them…but not all. Why not all?

One Grand Ronde word, and implications for Jargon adverbs

A use of a neat Jargon word that hasn’t been pointed out before…