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kíkwəli pi Sproat

Gilbert Malcolm Sproat’s 1868 book “Scenes and Studies…” implies a unique etymology for a common Chinuk Wawa word…

Sproat and a discovery: levels of tyee-ness

In Gilbert Malcolm Sproat’s 1868 participant ethnography avant la lettre…

1868: Sproat, “Scenes and Studies…”

A Scottish settler on Vancouver Island, who claims to know just 100 Chinook Wawa words, turns out to be a sympathetic and keen observer of First Nations life…

John Tod, Red River Métis, + New Caledonia (BC)

(Image credit: “Career of a Scotch Boy“) Active contributor LeAnn Riding got me thinking about BC Métis people, when she posted on our old CHINOOK listserv (remember listservs?) — “A while ago I… Continue reading

1867: A memaloose illahee is lost to racist arson

Victoria, middle of the frontier era: an apparently racist arson attack destroys a sacred cultural site on what’s now called Halkett Island.

Cheechako and Nuuchahnulth?

Another mysterious word of Nuučaan’uł (Southern branch of Wakashan family) that’s reported to us by G.M. Sproat (1868:128)…

“Chako” may be a Nootka Jargon compound, & Chinookan

The unavoidable Chinuk Wawa word “chako” (cháku) is typically explained as having come to us originally from Nuuchahnulth (“NCN”, of Vancouver Island, Canada)…but it may have as many as three sources.